Khushbu Patel -2nd Runner-up Miss Asia Global Canada 202

Competing in Miss Asia Global Canada 2022 pageant was such an amazing and inspiring experience for me. I am very proud to hold a tittle of Miss Asia Global Canada 2022-2nd Runner up. I would like to take this opportunity and thank Shinning Start Production Manitoba and also Dr. Gurinder Randhawa for giving me an opportunity to believe in my self and walk on that platform with confidence and grace. This pageant helped me in many ways such as believing in myself, stage presence, walk with confidence in front of unknown audience and much more. I would like to take this opportunity and inspire all of you to come be a part if this amazing journey next year!


Kawal Randhawa - Winner Miss Asia Global Canada 2022

Dreams do come true! Winning Miss Asia Global Canada 2022 is one of the biggest acheivements. It was my dream to be crowned one day but I did not know how to accomplish this. I give the full recognition to Shining Star Productions Manitoba and Dr. Gurinder Randhawa to make this happen. Those 15 days left some amazing memories with amazing people. the pageant was very well structured with dance classes, modelling workshops and grooming sessions. I felt a lot more confident in my walk and speech after going through those wrkshops. The amount of hard work Dr. Gurinder Randhawa has put in to successfully execute this event is, unbelievable. The moment I was crowned by Miss World 1997 Diana Hayden, I felt like a queen and I can never ever forget that. This platform has opened the doors for different opportunities in my life. The great thing about this pageant is that it gives recognition to international students and immigrants to come forward and create an identity for themselves like I created mine. I got featured on different media platforms in Canada, US and India. Also, I got opportunity to model in a Punjabi song and a movie. Besides that, I enjoyed my time with all the contestants and trainers. Thank you Dr. Gurinder Randhawa for bringing the pageant to this city.


Simran Sahni: Miss Asia Goble Canada 2022 pageant

I was really honoured to compete in the Miss Asia Goble Canada 2022 pageant and to come as the first runner up. I gained a lot of fresh knowledge and experience by participating in this pageant. Even though we were competing against one another, everyone at the pageant was fantastic and really inspiring, and by the end of the day, it felt like I had formed a family.


M S Malik: Mr. Asia Global Canada 2022

It was such a great experience to be a part of Mr. Asia Global Canada 2022 and winning the title of Mr. Style Icon of Mr. Asia Global Canada 2022. Definitely, not just winning the title but also make the best friend circle which helps me to get out of my comfort zone and extend my connection with others. I learned so much from this pageant which helps me to get the better opportunities in the future. It was like the new chapter of my life which I didn’t not expect but definitely worth it. I am very thankful to Shining Star production and Dr. Gurinder Mam for giving me this opportunity. Lastly, if anyone wants to explore their self please be a part of this beauty pageant. 


Shaina Pur : Winner Peoples Choice Award and Style Icon for Miss Asia Global Canada 2022

Participating in Miss Asia Global Canada 2022 pageant was such an amazing and wonderful experience, and winning the two titles of Miss Asia Global Canada 2022 (People’s choice award and Best style icon )has changed my life. I would like to thank the Shinning Star Production Manitoba and most importantly Dr. Gurinder Randhawa for organizing such pageant and giving this platform to the current youth to accomplish their dreams. This pageant has helped me in many aspects from boosting up my confidence, to the phobia of public speaking. Last but not the least, I would definitely say although all the participants were competing with each other, still we all build a bond of beautiful family.


Taranpreet Kaur: Winner Most Charismatic for Miss Asia Global Canada 2022

Winning the Title of Miss Asia Global Canada 2022 Most Charismatic was itself an honor and dream come true for me. Having a dream since childhood of wearing crown, walking like a model on a stage and feeling like a queen was like unbelievable but this pageant not only gave wings to my dream but also confidence, a queen like attitude and positive energy. This whole journey was like a magical world from wearing different dresses and showing my personality to developing and learning the skills of a beauty pageant. I not only learnt but also made friends which were contestants but more like a family though we were competitors. And sharing the stage with all of them was much easier when we all get Connected to each other. I really wanna thank to Shinning Star Productions Manitoba and especially Dr.Gurinder Randhawa the Organizer of this whole event to gave us all the opportunity to be on stage and showcase our talent and to prove ourselves. Also, she was the reason behind for this successful event and making our journey easy while motivating us to fly and live our dream for once.



It was such an honor to perform and to win title of Miss Asia global Manitoba 2nd Runner up. What a wonderful experience and stage it was. The night I was crowned my whole life changed. Before competing in this pageant I was not sure of my worth and how the inside beauty impact the world. My whole motive to compete was to build up a self confidence in myself. I ended up not only with confidence, but with Miss people’s choice, miss talent and a new young woman who wants to help her community and wants to change the world and make other women empowered . I started journey by myself and I ended up making a lot of friends and memories that I will be cheering for rest of my life. Because of the platform I was given by Shining Star production I was able to build up my personality and as well as my name in the community. I hosted several concerts, shows, charity events as well as also was able to compete at a national platform ( Miss World Canada) as Miss World Winnipeg 2021 and represented not only myself but also my people as Winnipeg. Shining Star Productions gave me a platform which helped me prosper and motivated me not only to help others but also to see and become the best version of myself everyday. 



It was a great experience of my life. Learnt a lot, made new friends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shining Star Productions Manitoba for organising such a wonderful and well organized event, and giving us the opportunity to be a part of it. I suggest to all of you to come be a part of this amazing pageant next year.



The contest was par at excellence and the whole Shining Star Productions team was really helpful at every step. Thanks to the honoured and renowned judges who were very interactive and helped us on the final day to bring our adrenaline down. This contest has given me immense confidence and helped me unfold another side to myself. The whole journey was a unique and a memorable experience for me, where I got to network with many inspiring people. I am thrilled to be a participant of this wonderful event and would like to encourage others to believe in themselves and take this initiative."



 Winning the title of Miss Asia Global Manitoba is an honour and a privilege. It has opened so many doors and offered life changing opportunities. I can defiantly say I have improved in many things after participating in this pageant, all the way from confidence, public speaking, stage presence and so much more. I'm so thankful for this opportunity and eager to see where it will take me."



"This pageant was a very unique experience for me as I haven't done anything similar before. It really helped me get out of my comfort zone and discover more about myself. I also ended up making many new friends and got to network with people from a wide range of backgrounds that will help in future. I did not go in expecting to win but just like Michael Jordan said, you miss every shot you don't take, and this one I hit.