Who Are We?

Shining Star Productions Manitoba Inc

…is a non-profit organization started in 2016, founded by Dr. Gurinder Randhawa (Ms. South Asia Canada 2015, 1st runner up), Ms. Rupinder Singh, Ms. Ruby Cheema, Ms. Tejinder Randhawa, and Darshan Singh Randhawa. Shining Star Productions Manitoba organized first time ever Mega Asian Beauty Pageants/Kids Fashion Shows in Manitoba in 2016 and made it an annual event.




Shining Star Productions Manitoba inspires and promotes Asian women, men and children (all cultures) to bring forward their hidden talent, confidence, public-speaking skills, elegance, beauty and knowledge with dignity and integrity and promote Asian cultures, talent, fashion and tourism in Manitoba and Canada.


We believe in instilling confidence, developing positive attitudes toward life, providing quality, building long term relationships, and giving time cherishing
experiences to participants, and people of Manitoba.


We believe in encouraging young men, women, kids, married women, and also for separated and divorced women (who have gone through a very hard phase of their life and struggled) an opportunity to pursue their dreams with professionalism assistance and feel good about who and what they are. We also motivate and encourage women, men, and children to face every challenge of their life strongly and grab each opportunity that life throws at them.




Dr. Gurinder Randhawa



Mr. Darshan Singh Randhawa

Ms. Rupinder Singh



Ms. Jaswinder Cheema

Ms. Tejinder Randhawa



Mr. Avanish Sheth – PRINT POINT



Ms. Kim Le

Ms. Helen Wang

Mr. Jasbir Singh

Ishan Patel

Ahsan Khan

Various volunteers work to support Shining Star Awards every year. If you want to work with us voluntarily to support upcoming events, kindly contact (204) 887-6447

As a volunteer, you have the RIGHT to:

Receive acknowledgment from the organization’s Board of Directors.
Feel welcomed and be treated as a valued member.
Understand how your role contributes to the organization’s mission.
Receive an orientation to the organization, and training specific to your
volunteer role.
Be recognized and acknowledged for your contribution to the Shining Star events.


Participate in an assessment of your performance.
All committees include members who work voluntarily for the organization with their own willingness and choice. Shining Star Productions Manitoba welcomes all volunteers and appreciates their support in any way. No volunteer has the right to question/claim the credibility of the organization . All rights are reserved exclusively for Managing Director of Shining Star Productions Manitoba Inc.


Celebrities & Judges

At Shining Start Productions Manitoba Inc., we also promote tourism through this show by inviting national and international celebrities and judges from outside Manitoba and giving them memorable experience of Manitoba.

2018 SHOW

Hana Begovic (Miss World Canada 2018)
Kate Jessie Lawrence (Miss Teenge Canada 2018)
Maria Silvia (President, Glam Group Canada)
Ashwin Gill (Toronto)

2017 SHOW

Ms. Pooja Batra (Bollywood Actress & Femine Miss Indie)
Ms. Siera Bierchell (Ms. Universe Canada, 2016)
Mr. Harjinder Atwal (Mr. World Canada, 2016)
Mr. Divya Kumar (National & International Bollywood Dancer & Choreographer)

2016 SHOW

Ms. Ishe Rikhi (Pollywood Acress & Bollywood model)
Ms. Kajal Jain (Bollywood model & Actress)
Mr. Ashwin Gill (Toronto based)
Ms. Mala Singh (Toronto Based)
Mr. Ray Singh (Toronto Based)
Ms Simar Gill (Toronto Based)